In 1774 in the Massachusetts Bay Colony town of Leominister, a son was born to Nathaniel and Elizabeth Chapman. The proud parents called him John. As a youth, he trained to be a planter.

At age 23, he set out on a mission that would eventually take him into the western wilderness. He planned to plant trees which he hoped someday would help feed settlers coming into the area. Young Chapman had the great vision of a fast growing America with thousands of people moving west.

To buy his own food, he sold seedlings. But when people were too poor to purchase the trees, he gave them away in order that they would be planted.

As his seedlings grew, stories about him—some fact, some fiction—soon became legends. Before he died in 1845, he was certainly recognized throughout the mideastern United States.

Few people, however, know of his as John Chapman. To many Americans then and millions of Americans today, John Chapman was more commonly known as Johnny Appleseed.

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